Why We Run


The only free pediatric hospital in the country


– Outpatient
– Inpatient
– Neonatal
– 24/7 Emergency
– Operation Theater
– Intensive Care Unit
– Development Clinic
– Specialize Clinics
– Radiology
– Laboratory
– Outreach Program
– Nutrition department


The LFHC provides medical training and mentoring for clinicians with in the LFHC but also provides training to district and provincial hospitals. The education program
extends far beyond our walls and provides training and guidance to medical institutions throughout Laos.


LFHC’s Prevention Program is focusing on nutrition and the first 1,000 days – from conception to two years. The pilot project currently covers two districts and over 120 villages.


LFHC's Neonatal Unit Saves 600 gram Baby

Nidnapha was born with an extremely low birth weight, the Provincial Hospital advised the family to urgently take their newborn daughter to the nearest neonatal unit, which was in Thailand. However, on admission, the parents soon realized they could not afford the treatment provided, which costs an average of $300 per day. They didn’t know what to do to save their daughter. 

After taking the long journey, Nidnapha was rushed through LFHC’s emergency room and into the neonatal unit. She received expert care and was placed on a CPAP to support her little lungs. 

Following almost a month of support, she was discharged weighing 1.5kgs and is still gaining weight.

Without the specialist care at LFHC she would not be with us today.

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